Events for all audiences

I lead conferences and training for the general public or professionals.
Since COVID I also lead webinars and online training. 

Prochains événements

  • 7 février 2024 pour la commune de Levallois-Perret : "répartir la charge mentale dans le couple"
  • 7 mars 2024 live Youtube : "Faire face à ses parents émotionnellement immatures"


Online or in person, I love to pass on my knowledge to every kind of audience.
For years, I have hosted film debates, conferences and webinars accessible to the general public.
The atmosphere is warm and dynamic, and I make sure to offer digestible and accessible information to everyone.
My professional set-up allows me to host quality online events regardless of the number of participants, and I always make sure it remains friendly and playful even behind our screens. 

Conférence autour du trauma intergénérationnel pour le Grand Figeac
Conférence autour du trauma intergénérationnel pour le Grand Figeac
Conférence parentalité pour Cauvaldor
Conférence parentalité pour Cauvaldor


I lead training for professionals (often from paramedical, childcare, or social fields) about the neuroaffective development of children and adults. It allows teams to question their professional practice, update their knowledge and integrate new tools, enhancing their profession and their skills. 
My training courses alternate theoretical contributions and practical situations to be in tune with the field reality.
It's important to me that the learnings remain always practical and easily reusable at the end of the training.
The goals are clear, verifiable and achievable and the training takes place in a spontaneous and friendly atmosphere, far from the daunting lecture course.


Financeable by vocational training funds

My partnership with Etre Formations allows you to finance the ongoing training of your teams, face-to-face or online. (Only for French)

Etre Formations is a training organization located in South West of France.
It offers its customers tailor-made training to stay as close as possible to their needs by using innovative and fun teaching practices.

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Order a conference or a training

Choose from this catalog the topic and content format of your choice, or contact me directly to create together a tailor-made program for your audience. 



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Copie de I. Comment le cerveau des enfants se développe II. Les punitions fonctionnent-elles vraiment III. Responsabiliser son enfant au quotidien (Publication Instagram) (1)-min
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They trust me

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