Why choose to work with me ?

Trained by the French schools of EFT and Transactional Analysis for almost 10 years, today my work includes new tools and trainings to offer you a unique tailor-made therapy, supported by the latest discoveries in neuroscience.

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Holistic care

My patients often feel stuck and overwhelmed in their lives. They usually lack self-esteem, boundaries, healthy relationships. They experience procrastination, racing thoughts, depression, and a tough inner critic.

Maybe you're feeling the same way, and think "this is who I am" or ""it's all about willpower" and feel ashamed and guilty.

But it is not your fault. In reality these thoughts and behaviors are the result of complex relationships between your past, your environment, your brain, your nervous system, your microbiome and your entire body.

You need to address all these aspects of your life to heal from the root cause of your pain. The good news is : that's my job, let me help.

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A unique empowerment method

With me, you will not only be receiving care but you will also learn how to do it yourself. I will pass on knowledge and tools that are simple and yet have a tremendous impact on your mental health and daily life.

At the end of our journey together, you will no longer need me because you will have integrated our work. You will know yourself better, you will have learn to improve self-confidence, to take care of your mental health on a daily basis and you will be able to face the next challenges on your own.

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Over the past 6 years, I have been able to help hundreds of people to live fulfilling relationships with themselves and with others. I know you can get the same results.

Theory is good, reality is best !

I studied a lot to create my own method. But experience, embodiement and practice were what really allowed me to distinguish what worked on paper and what played out in real life.

Before that, I suffered for a long time from my own behaviors, my emotions, my inner critic. The day I realized that it all came from coping mechanisms, childhood trauma, my family system, and basically the way my brain was wired by these experiences, I started to make the connection with truly effective tools.
By working on my lifestyle, my relationships, my nervous system and my diet, I was able to transform my life in ways I never thought were possible.
Today I continue to experience and practice daily what I teach my patients. I am committed to offering them realistic, accessible and effective tools.
If I could change, so can you.


Get to know me a little more...

I like to enjoy simple things in life : sharing quality time with my kids, nature, travelling, gardening, cooking, and sharing a good meal with friends. It's important to me to remain curious and open minded. There is so much to discover and learn out there !

Before COVID, in addition to our jobs, we were homesteaders. We had a large vegetable garden, chickens, ducks and even sheep. Working on the farm allowed me to balance this time at work spent "in my head" with more physical activities. It's also a perfect way to practice mindfulness and gratitude while being in contact with nature.

Avec la crise du covid, je suis passée à la téléconsultation et ça m'a permis de voyager avec ma famille. Finalement nous avons posé nos valises au Portugal où nous nous sommes installés. Ici je mixe téléconsultations et rendez-vous en présentiel avec des expatriés anglophones.