Your story is unique, so is your therapy.

A tailor-made therapy with exclusive pdf resources to support you in your day-to-day life.

Best way to know if we're a good match is try it out. Let's meet together !

Have you ever struggled with...

  • Not being able to change despite the hours spent on the shrink's couch and the many self-help books you've read.
  • Returning intrusive thoughts and feelings about things that make you anxious.
  • Your impostor syndrome that prevents you from enjoying success.
  • Feeling in a rut or stuck in destructive patterns and toxic cycles with partners, friends, family or work ?
  • Being a people pleaser and let everyone's needs come before your own.
  • Feeling guilty when you try to set a boundaries, overexplaining yourself when you do.
  • Reacting a certain way to situations or people and just can’t explain why ?
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If you're stuck, it's because you missed the right tools.

100 % individualized support : Holistic care that takes your unique needs into consideration.

24/7 access to more resources : You'll get my PDF files to integrate the work and support you between sessions.

Tangible et long-lasting results : I provide you with knowledge and tools that will serve throughout your whole life.

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This is for you if you want to learn to :

Stop sabotaging yourself and improve your self-love.

Overcome fears and remove limited beliefs that are blocking you from success. 

Understand your triggers and build resilience to life's challenges.

Build healthy relationships. Stop chasing the wrong partners, recover from past hurtful relationships.

Allow yourself to say no without guilt, set clear and effective boundaries.

We're not a good fit it : 

You have a passive attitude. You don't practice the exercises and you're expecting to be saved by someone. 

You have been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder (schizophrenia, bipolarity...) or neuroatypia (ASD, ADHD...).

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Save time and money by subscribing to a monthly plan

No commitment : cancel or join another plan when you want.

Preferential rate : save 10% on each session.

Simplified monthly payment : Automatically renewable, cancellable at any time with one click.

Automated appointment scheduling : get your appointment link right in your mailbox without going back on my website.

Faster results : You keep the pace and motivation to make sure you're moving forward. 

Basée sur 15 avis
Julien Zinutti
Julien Zinutti
Nous avons rencontré Marine suite à une conférence. Son approche de l'éducation nous a tout de suite conquis. Par la suite nous avons pris la décision de prendre des RDV réguliers pour apprendre à mieux gérer nos émotions et suivre une ligne conductrice dans l'éducation de nos enfants. Nous continuons d'apprendre à ses côtés aujourd'hui, et elle nous aide à trouver un équilibre entre notre vie personnelle et familiale. Je recommande vivement de se rapprocher d'elle si vous êtes empreint de doute ou si vous avez besoin de réponse. Je suis convaincu qu'elle pourra vous aider comme elle a pu le faire avec nous.
Ebrina van der Bijl (Abby)
Ebrina van der Bijl (Abby)
The safe and respectful atmosphere that Marine creates in the sessions was fundamental for me to achieve much progress. The techniques and exercises she suggested always felt perfectly aligned with the phase of my healing. Thanks to her warm approach life feels a lot brighter again ✨️ 💛
Jip en Joske Ten Bosch
Jip en Joske Ten Bosch
Marine is a very warm person and she immediately makes you feel safe and secure. I had a few sessions with her, because I wanted to do some "maintenance" and she really helped me to focus and figure a few things out. I think everyone can benefit from time to time to visit a good psychologist. And Marine definitely is one!
Edouard Melin
Edouard Melin
Marine a changé notre vie où du moins y a grandement contribué ,notre couple et notre famille allait mal malgré beaucoup d amour et en 2 mois tout à changé, on a construit un cocon doux et où on peux être soi même et rassuré J en ai fait des thérapeutes mais avec Marine on resoud vraiment ce qui va pas on ne fait pas que trouver et dire on trouve des solutions et elle nous donne des outils pour la suite aussi Pourtant on se connaissait d avant et j avais toujours dit pas de thérapeute qui me connaisse et ben j ai eu raison d y aller alors faites pareil allez y, votre vie va changer. MERCI BEAUCOUP MARINE
Béa Béa
Béa Béa
Marine m'a soutenue toute cette année qui a été compliquée pour moi, avec bienveillance, intelligence, douceur, savoirs et professionalisme. Je la recommande vivement ! Encore merci pour tout ce chemin parcouru.
N'hésitez pas à rencontrer Marine, son approche m'a beaucoup aidé à me libérer, à m'accepter telle que je suis, à prendre confiance en moi. Je suis vraiment heureuse qu'elle ait pu m'accompagner et surtout de l'avoir découverte grâce au site ATAVI. Encore un grand merci pour votre écoute et votre bienveillance.
Sébastien Diefenbronn
Sébastien Diefenbronn
Thérapeute avec une approche très intéressante et qui prend le temps de proposer des conférences/webinaires concrets pour aider chacun dans ces troubles du quotidien.
lou selduz
lou selduz
Excellente thérapeute. Quelle bienveillance et quels résultats ! Merci beaucoup pour cette aide si précieuse
aurore grillet
aurore grillet
Marine est une professionnelle bienveillante et dans le respect, à chaque séance j'ai pu apprendre sur moi-même mais aussi sur les comportements en général. Elle est passionnée et passionnante, ces explications sont claires et parlantes. Merci !


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One online meeting 
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Personalized pdf exercises

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2 sessions per month

Personalized pdf exercises

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4 sessions per month

Personalized pdf exercises

Automated appointment and payment


Any question ?

See below for answers. If you still have a question, feel free to contact me directly.

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I'm not able to attend last minute, can I have a refund ?
Not if the session is cancelled less than 48 hours in advance. The appointment can be rescheduled but the session not honored will be charged. This rule applies to à la carte sessions and subscriptions.
Can I cancel my subscription at any time ?

Absolutely. When you subscribe, you will receive an email that contains a link to your customer portal.
You can log in to manage your data, switch to another plan, or cancel your subscription.

Check the question below to see the refund policy.

I canceled during the month, can I get a refund?

In the event of cancellation, unused sessions are fully refunded.
However, in the event that the cancellation of the session occurs less than 48 hours before the appointment, no refund can be made.

Is the payment safe and secured ?

Yes. By clicking on the subscription, you will be redirected to the payment platform, StripeStripe. It is a fully secure platform that allows you to receive your payments while protecting your bank details.

How long would I wait for my first session ?

With the subscription, you access a private schedule reserved for subscribers.
You are therefore guaranteed to have an appointment from the first week.

How often are payments made?

Payment is settled in advance at the beginning of each month (the month beginning on the date of your first payment). It is automatically renewable and cancellable at any time.
It is not possible to pay week by week.

Can I choose the time and day of the session ?

Yes. After your subscription, you will receive a link allowing you to access an appointment calendar.
You can choose the day and time of your session each week. Depending on your needs, it could be the same regular slot or change days and times from week to week.

Can you work with my child / teenager ?

Since I switched to exclusive video I no longer receive this type of audience (with rare exceptions like for specific EFT sessions).
Working with children requires a space and equipment that I can no longer access, and my way of working requires an autonomy that few teenagers are capable of (setting up the exercises, really getting involved in the therapy despite the virtual side …). This is why I recommend that you see someone face-to-face to help your child.